Does Trump Really Want To BE President….Or Just Win?

donald-trumpI don’t think Donald Trump really wants to be President. He just wants to win the Presidency.

As a preamble to my thoughts, I promise I will not write any other political blog posts. I hope my GOP friends don’t unsubscribe to Strumings because I have waded into political waters, though I know politics is a highly emotionally charged issue. Truth of the matter is that writing about politics is really not what Strumings are about anyhow, nor is it a personal passion. Nonetheless, anyone who knows me knows that philosophically I lean left, and I am proud of that. That doesn’t mean I love Hillary Clinton, yet I will surely vote for her as I have voted for Democratic Presidential candidates in the past. She is experienced, genuinely committed to serve the country and I do think (and at least hope) she will be an effective President, because it’s likely she will be ours soon.

But what’s the real deal with Trump and this current election?

With a little more than 2 months until Election Day I wonder (as many others do) whether Donald Trump really wants the Presidency or does he merely seek the spotlight daily. But if he defies the odds and pulls off the mega upset, does he really want the job or would he find a way to hand it off to Pence?

Winning the Republican nomination was easy for Trump and it should have been. In a field of 17, the key task was to differentiate himself, not win the majority of votes. No one wins a majority in that big a field. Though at first Trump did not seem credible, he clearly stood out, as did Ted Cruz the ultimate runner-up. Neither was a “mainstream” candidate. Both are loathed by their own party, and deservedly so.

Nonetheless, I believe Donald Trump is genuine. While I personally believe he is a genuine asshole, he remains true to his assholic being. This is the same man who has built a career declaring bankruptcy after bankruptcy and stiffing small businesses and small vendors, the people he claims to love. Nonetheless, I secretly like watching him “perform”. He is a ring leader, showman and entertainer. He’s the ultimate snake oil salesman. He readily says what he wants, about what he wants, when he wants to. I just don’t agree with virtually anything that comes out of his mouth. He has no edit button. He has little clue about the gravity of the job he “seeks”, and perhaps not so secretly I think he just wants the spotlight and does not really want the job.

He clearly doesn’t care about the party he represents either, doesn’t support its leaders and often doesn’t agree with their points of view. That’s fine by me if he drags down the GOP. The GOP will have no one to blame but themselves.

Moreover he doesn’t really represent the people. He “and he alone” is the all-knowing, all-powerful one who is full of bombast, hatred, bigotry, stupidity, and superficiality. However, I don’t want to see him tone it down. It’s who he is, and I am enjoying the show. So Donald my advice is “keep it real”. Spew whatever nonsense comes into your head.

I will particularly enjoy watching Fox News around 10pm on November 8 while the blame gets assessed. It’ll be kind of like listening to WIP on a Monday after an Eagles loss. “The coach stinks, the QB should be benched etc.”. A lot of calls from “Joe from the Northeast”, who ironically is also probably a Trump supporter. But our lives are not at stake if the Eagles lose (thank heavens given their total of zero Super Bowls). The stakes for the Presidency are a little higher.

I actually wanted Trump to win the Republican nomination as I thought he would surely lose a general election. I thought he would implode, and cooler heads will prevail in the voting booths across the U.S. on November 8. Sure hope I am right. We will soon see. But the next 2+ months will be interesting.

But regardless of who wins, no more political Strumings going forward, I promise. Trump lovers, bring on the comments.

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  1. Lynn Hoban says:

    Thoughtful. And interesting. Trump is true to his own self. A new concept in modern politics.

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