Are You Checking Facebook At Work?

infographic_social_media_smallDo you minimize your screen immediately as your boss comes by? Don’t want him/her to see you were checking out the latest on Facebook. Admit it, you do.

In the pre-smartphone era, some companies blocked access to social sites in the workplace, though most now realize that social media is readily available from smartphones which the majority of their employees now have. So blocking sites is not a viable company strategy to keep their employees away from the “evils” of social media.

So the question of the day is should you check Facebook and other social accounts at work? If so, what’s the right amount? Here’s my 2 cents: It’s OK to do so in moderation. If your job is a community manager at a big PR firm (like my daughter), you live on social sites 24/7, but otherwise you should keep it to a minimum in the workplace. However, based on a recent study, Your Boss Uses Facebook At Work More Than You , your boss spends more time on Facebook than you do…..but beware of assuming this gives you the green light.

According to a recent study of more than 11,000 employees they found that top-level executives disapproved of employees checking out social sites during work hours. Alas they are hypocrites since they reported spending more time on sites than their employees. So I guess they view their time stalking their high school boy/girlfriend on Facebook as important company activity

The role of social media in the workplace is changing. It’s a big part of the world we live in. Checking Facebook is no bigger a crime than making a personal phone call. The reality of it is that a little is fine & too much is….well, too much.

But the danger as discussed in a recent Struming, Social Media in the Workplace, is the use of social media by employees to discuss confidential company activities or foolishly call your boss (who already thinks you are abusing social media at the workplace) a buffoon not worthy of a job. So when you check your Facebook account at work, try not to post often during the work day, lest it tip off your boss, and totally avoid posts about your company except “likes” of their activities and positive comments. No one built their career trashing their employer on Facebook, either during working hours or not.

Use the simple rule….when in doubt, stop & don’t do it.

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