It Happens Every Spring.

manfred ballIt’s not spring yet even though our winter in the Northeast has been relatively modest, with the exception of Jonas. But in baseball terms, spring has begun in Florida and Arizona. Pitchers and catchers have reported and the balance of the rosters of each 30 major league teams are now reporting.

Hope springs eternal in the spring at major league training camps. Who can rise among the 30 teams to victory this fall? The “lowly” Kansas City Royals are not lowly at all. They are world champions having beaten the Mets last October.

I love baseball. It is my favorite sport. It is truly the American game, laden with history. The team I love, the New York Yankees, stands above all others in all professional sports, not just baseball, in heritage, success, and tradition. Will the Yankees claim championship #28 in 2016? They have many reasons to be hopeful, but an equal number of concerns.

I do worry about that the passion for baseball is not as universally shared among today’s youth. Baseball is a slow game to some degree with strategy and a modest pace. That’s part of its beauty. There are changes that could help including:

1. Increasing the pace of the game—That’s already happening with shorter time between innings but could also be helped by a time clock to force the delivery of pitch, fewer trips to the mound, fewer # of relievers/inning etc.

2. Universal rules—I’m OK with the DH. I’m OK without it too, but please just one set of rules

3. Eliminate the stupidity of the all-star game winner determining home field in the World Series.
The all-star game is a fine exhibition of the game’s top players. Nothing more.

No doubt there are others that could help too. I wrote to the new Commisioner last year with my thoughts. Alas, I am still waiting for a reply. But even without any changes, in my eyes baseball towers above all other sports. There’s only one Babe Ruth. And he played baseball.

Play ball.

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