MayoSeitz Media: 20 Years of Media Excellence

MSM20logoLast week MayoSeitz Media celebrated its 20th anniversary with a party in Philadelphia with clients, employees, past and present, and friends.  It was a wonderful event, which looked back at the agency’s early years, and at the same time demonstrated to me why the agency’s future continues to be bright. For Strumings readers who are not as familiar with the agency, MayoSeitz Media was founded in 1997 by two partners, Ray Mayo and Jon Seitz, who had strong reputations and relationships in the Philadelphia market as media leaders. I know both men well for more than 25 years. Ray was the media director at Earle Palmer Brown/Philadelphia, where we worked together in the early 90s, and Jon was a senior sales exec at PRISM (Comcast SportsNet/Philadelphia’s predecessor) and Jon called on the agency in his sales role.

Ray and Jon took the plunge together in early 1997 in starting the firm. I was an early supporter, and obviously continue to be 20 years later. In fact, I have had a consulting relationship with the firm throughout its history, so I take pride in the agency’s success and feel good about contributions I have made as a consultant along the way.

Being a media agency means being strategic advisers, stewards, and providing media planning and execution to clients. On these dimensions MayoSeitz Media is second to none. The agency’s relationships have been long lasting, some dating into the “early years”. The reason why the agency’s relationships last is simple–They care; they do an excellent job, and ultimately contribute to the business success of the agency’s clients.

The agency’s values are also an important part of their success. The five key values are:

1. Collaboration

2. Innovation

3. Leadership

4. Integrity

5. Commitment

There is no surprise that Collaboration is the #1 value, because at its core, MayoSeitz Media is a group of very talented, highly collaborative media professionals working hand-in-hand with clients addressing their ever changing business challenges.The agency is also always evolving and innovation is part of their culture. Clearly, the media world changes constantly. In fact at MayoSeitz Media “Change is the status quo” is a philosophy they have embraced since their beginning.

Inc 5000MayoSeitz Media is a business success as well, and was recently named as one of the 2017 Inc. 5000 fast growing companies in the U.S. with 87% growth during the last three years. So as MayoSeitz Media celebrates its 20th anniversary, I celebrate with them, knowing that while the past has been successful, the future will be even more exciting.

Mazel tov.

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