Millennials And Digital Relationships

relationshipsMillennials, roughly defined as 18-34 year olds, have grown up in the digital world. I, being a little older than the average 18-34er (in body, though not in thought) did not grow up in the digital world. As much as I’d like to think that as a smart marketing consultant that I am current on most leading marketing trends, I also realize that I am playing a never ending game of “catch up”.

I am relearning behavior and rewiring my previously analog mind into a digital universe. It’s a challenge. Nonetheless I still find it fascinating to understand how those who’ve grown up in a digital world process information and how they make life and business decisions.

Millennials are far more likely to form online relationships, personal or business, through various social channels as reported in a January 5, 2015 article in MediaPost called Millennials Put Premium On Digital Relationships. The article cites a recent study conducted by digital marketing agency Deep Focus (I like their name) where more than 1/3 of all Millennials consider an “eLationship” as more important than an in-person relationship. 3/4 of respondents also claim to have some relationships solely on social media interactions.

“Digital intimacy” is an important part of Millennials psyche and belonging to various social channels is part of this phenomena. It also leads to an exaggeration in social media (Lying On Social Media?) Be that as it may, marketers are wise to fully appreciate the importance of eLationships and think about how– in a genuine manner—they can enhance their digital relationships with their Millennial customers.

As I said, I grew up in an analog world. But that world is fading quickly.

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