Should You Wear a Mask?

Lonny maskOf course you should.

In fact if you don’t, please stay far away from me. And if your business allows people without masks to patronize your establishment, you won’t be seeing me now or in the future. I won’t forget who you are.

Why do I wear a mask?

1. For the safety of my family and friends—the people who are directly important to me. I can not risk infecting them

2. For the safety of people I don’t know. In the small chance that I am infected, I don’t want you to be. And if you had any consideration for others, you’d feel likewise.

3. For my safety —Wearing a mask won’t help me as much if you are not wearing one, are infected and come in contact with me. But it does remind me of the seriousness of the invisible virus we all face. Its invisibility makes some put their guard down. If locusts or vermin were raining down from the sky, we’d surely pay more attention.

I do not like wearing a mask. It is uncomfortable, unnatural and unpleasant. I would surely prefer not to. I don’t wear a mask in our house, walking our dog, or driving through the Dunkin drive through. That’s it. Otherwise if you see me, I will be masked.

It blows my mind the selfishness of those who don’t wear a mask and that includes our President. If he modeled the behavior the government says it seeks by creating a MAGA mask and wearing it, I suspect mask adoption would increase among a portion of the population, and COVID-19 spread could be lessened. Isn’t that what everyone wants? That is the shortest distance to recovery on every dimension.

Once again, that the virus is invisible doesn’t make it bogus. Families of 100,000+ Americans can tell you that.

I feel anger towards people who selfishly put themselves (and more importantly others) in danger. So please wear a mask. Start today and every day until there’s a solution. When we get lax, more people will get sick and some will die.

You don’t like the mask look? Wear a Yankees mask like me, and at least you’ll feel like a (27-time) winner. But in the end, I respect someone wearing a Red Sox mask more than a someone wearing a Yankees cap and no mask. (Pains me to say, but true). Similarly I respect someone wearing a MAGA mask, than a person wearing a Biden t-shirt but no mask.

Be safe. Be healthy. Wear a mask, and keep your distance. And let’s hope a solution is down the road soon. Until then, wear a mask.

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