Social Media and Seniors

507006237I am many years over 50. However, I am not a techno-moron. There are many fellow AARP-ers who share my traits. The online habits of 50+ folk have been evolving and today’s technology is not as much of a hurdle as it might have been for many just a few years ago.

In particular, social media is booming among seniors, and it has many benefits. There are studies which indicate that social media is somewhat of an elixir for seniors and helps prolong life. A recent National Health and Retirement Study reinforced this by showing that seniors (who averaged 68 years of age in this study) who were active in social media were less lonely, had less depression issues and lower rates of chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes than those who were less active in social media.

There’s real merit in the social connection that social media provides to make older folk feel younger. But beyond the apparent health benefits of active social media use among seniors, there are several significant life enhancing values from social media use:

1. Connecting with people from your life

By definition, seniors have crossed paths with many folk across their lifetime. Relationships with old buddies, college friends, co-workers from yesteryear are rekindled. And obviously from a family perspective it’s a game changer and a way for grandparents to connect with grandchildren

2. Knowledge

“Knowledge is good” as they said in Faber College. And social media is a way to learn, grow and explore. It allows the ability to find out about topics one may be reluctant to ask another.

3. Entertainment
Social media allows seniors to watch, listen, and enjoy their favorite entertainers and keep current on entertainment trends as well.

Clearly Millennial usage of social media has evolved, and Facebook, “the granddaddy of social media”, which is hardly old at 10 years, while still relevant, is passé among a youth social user. So be it.
But being “social” is a way for seniors to stay young. This was always the case even before technology provided greater opportunities.

Pepsi and Social Media. For Those Who Think Young.

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