Technology Is Our Friend.

iStock_000007647676XSmallTechnology is our friend (when it works). However, I know that I’ve become so dependent on technology for communication that any slip, however modest, throws me into a funk.

The business world and society at large has become so used to the rapid dissemination of information that even the smallest hiccup can derail the train. Speaking of trains, my first job in the 70s was as a junior AE at ad agency Needham Harper & Steers (now part of DDB) on the Amtrak account. Part of my responsibilities was to send the typeset schedules and fares in our ads to the client for final approval. I sent the ads via a fax machine that took 3 minutes per page to their DC offices–and I thought it was magic! Just 3 minutes and they were looking at the same page as I had. Unbelievable, I thought. At the same time the concept of express delivery pioneered by Federal Express and others, made the overnight night delivery of large documents and materials a snap. Fast forward to today and we expect the instantaneous delivery of the file during the same conversation. Nothing short of immediate is acceptable.

I recently took a major leap forward in my own personal use of technology. For the past 10 years I had been a “Palm guy”. Just as a fax machine was breakthrough technology in the 70s, Palm was as equally revolutionary in the latter 90s. Calendar/contacts in one device synched to your PC and then this information coupled with a cell “Palm phone”. Again a major leap forward.

But last month I left Palm behind, and got a DroidX. It’s an amazing device. I am blown away by the apps and utility of the phone. Also, at the same time I am in the process of dumping my antiquated AOL mail and using gmail and Google Calendar (makes sense given my Droid is connected to Google). This was another quantum leap forward, at least for me. And I am now amazed of the ability of smart phones as a marketing device to deliver promotions and real savings. (See previous Struming–Big Brother is Watching & Wants You to Save Money)

Maybe I was a ½ step behind in my Palm/AOL era but since time marches on and technology is leading the way, it seemed to me that it’s better to be ½ step ahead than behind. I’m always interested in what you are thinking and news ways you are using technology to make you more productive and smarter.  As always thoughts and feedback are appreciated. And visitors at are also always appreciated.

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