The Marriage of TV and Social

social cubeI find it interesting to watch the evolution of social media during the past decade from a startup form of communication to omnipresent communications tool which changes constantly. What was initially youth driven and focused initially on Myspace and Facebook platforms has now evolved into a potpourri of platforms each with their strengths.
What’s even more interesting to see is how important social media has become to the TV medium. Simply put many viewers “vote” on the programming as they are viewed with their hand held devices (phone/tablet) and comment on the programming.

I read a terrific article recently called 10 Ways To Make Your TV Strategy More Social. Though some of 10 the ten ways are basic, too many marketers don’t think enough about how TV and social interact in today’s world:

1. Use social engagement data to pick which TV networks and programs to buy.

2. Use social engagement data to determine which geographic markets and dayparts are most ripe for your TV ads.

3. Use social engagement data to measure the impact of your TV commercials.

4. Put a social call-to-action in your TV spot.

5. Use TV metrics to benchmark your social advertising.

6. Use social media for live commentary during broadcast.

7. Use social data to determine which celebrities to feature in your TV spots.

8. Identify relevant TV programs, live events, and celebrities for social ad targeting.

9. Sync your social ads with TV programming and advertising.

10. Use social media data to define segments for programmatic TV targeting.

The sharpest marketers are looking over the horizon to find new ways that the digital world and the analog worlds meld. Maximizing the marriage of TV advertising and social is just one of them.

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