Thoughts from my girl on meeting the Yankees GM

Car and CashToday’s guest Strumer, Carolyn Strum, is a past contributor to strumings. She met Brian Cashman at the WFAN earlier this week, and these were her thoughts from her blog post , “The Day I Met the Guy who runs the Yanks” from her blog , Ladies Love Sports 2 .

I walked into the back room at WFAN’s Breakfast with a Champion event when an average-height, middle aged man with big blue eyes shook my hand and said, “Hi, Brian Cashman.”  …as if he needed any introduction. A surreal moment, shaking hands with the man who is not only a hero of mine but has probably shaken the hands of all of my heroes when welcoming them to the greatest franchise in the history of sports.

You would expect a Yankees executive to be rather intimidating and standoffish, but Brian was nothing of the sort. He was extremely friendly, kind, funny, and honest. Cashman passed around his STUNNING 2009 World Championship ring, took pictures, and shared many different stories with us in those 30 minutes in the back room, from memories of George to thoughts of the players to the jokes he likes to tell his kids.(He didn’t seem to be such a fan of Kei Igawa–I don’t blame him.) During the event, Cash and Mike Francesa discussed many different aspects of the Yankees. He was very honest the entire time, and even though it may have gotten him in a bit of trouble with the press later on, I really appreciated it and enjoyed it greatly.  (also, fascinating how a small hypothetical comment can turn into headline news). 

Cashman seemed very calm for a guy with such a high pressure job. Brian Cashman may be the General Manager of the New York Yankees, but he’s also just a regular guy. No act, no BS.  Just a real, genuine, nice, and clearly very intelligent guy.  And for the record, Bill Madden doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Cashman refuted everything said in that article.

I certainly hope that Cashman will stay in New York for many, many years to come. Meeting him was an honor and a great experience, and I hope to meet him again some day sooner than later. 


Well said, girlie. The (big) Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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