Top 5 Strumings of 2016

486436620I always find it interesting to see what Strumings readers enjoy. I’ve published Strumings weekly since 2009 (and I haven’t missed a week), but it’s often difficult to have perspective on what readers like. When I’m done with a Struming, I am off to the next one. In choosing topics I use my “gut” and write what I am thinking about. Works for me. Sometimes the topic sticks with readers, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m OK with a 50-50 split.

But since we live in a world of increased data and analytics, at year end I like to look back on the “top Strumings of the year” based on readership. It’s interesting that this year they tend to cluster in the “advice” category either from me or others. Alas no Strumings about my beloved Yankees made the top 5 (though it won’t deter me in 2017).

So here are the top 5 Strumings in 2016:

1. Being On Time

Readers know this is a biggee for me.

2. Advice About Writing Your Shouldn’t Ignore.

David Ogilvy provides this advice, a fellow far smarter than I am.

3. Career Advice I Would Give Myself

This was thought provoking, since with the wisdom of age/experience, I retroactively give some advice career to my 25 year old self

4. Reasons To Quit Your Job

Always thought provoking, but I also lay out reasons not to quit too.

5. Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

Love their music, and we all have much to learn from the band as marketers as well. Brilliant on many levels.

So that’s it. If I missed any of your favorites, let me know. Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2017.

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