Why the Yankees Will Be Champions in 2020 (But Why I Hardly Care)

NYYEach year at the start of the season I usually write a Struming about why my beloved Yankees might be Champions. I did not have any expectations of Championships until the last 2 years, where they obviously fell short. But now I truly believe they have an excellent chance of prevailing.

The Yankees are now stronger and have fewer injuries (at least now) given the late start of the season. Had the season begun in March, Judge, Stanton and Hicks would not have been ready. All 3 will be playing now. Severino was a Tommy John injury loss and 2021 is when he may return. The Yankees are still dealing with COVID-19 issues with LeMahieu, Sessa and Chapman.

The Yankees are laden with talent, on the field and on the mound. The addition of Gerrit Cole was the big signing and gives the Yankees their ace starter, one of the best starters in the majors.

2019 was an extraordinary year—devasted with injuries but counterbalanced by totally unexpected performances by Urshela, Ford, Tauchman, Frazier, Maybin, German and others. DJ LeMahieu, always an excellent National Leaguer, was nothing short of phenomenal and an MVP candidate in his first year as a Yankee.

This year’s Yankees have talent at every position, and a talented bench including Miguel Andujar, a rookie star 2 years ago before his injuries wiped out most of 2019. Their starting staff is strong and relievers are arguably the best combo in baseball.

So, what could go wrong? Plenty. Injuries, of course, but there’s also the reality that 60 games is a sprint and there’s no guarantee that the Yankees will even win their Division. 60 games is a bogus season to begin with so whether the Yankees prevail or not, regardless of who wins, it’s hardly a real championship. And games without fans are bizarre.

Do I want the Yankee win? Of course.

Can they? Sure.

Will they? Who knows?

The Yankees are the AL favorite and the Dodgers are the NL Favorite. I would have been thrilled to see a Yankees-Dodgers World Series in a “normal year”. But nothing is normal in baseball or more importantly, in life. Baseball is just one of 1000 things that is impacted.

The season begins, but my heart isn’t in it. Though I am happy to see Dr. Fauci (btw he’s a Yankees fan) throw out the first pitch.

Play ball, I guess.

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