20 Songs I Am Not Ashamed to Say I Like

softrockSongs guys like tend to be rockers–hard driving tunes with a strong beat. Great songs to listen to while driving down the highway. Tap your feet. Shout out the lyrics. But there are also slow ballads and instrumentals that are also my personal favorites. These are songs which reflect my evolving tastes, and demonstrate a “softer” side to Lonny, for those who didn’t think there was one. Hope these songs touch you as well.

Here are the top “soft” Lonny 20 songs from 20 to 1.

20. Everytime You Go Away—Paul Jones
This song was written by Daryl Hall and first performed by Hall & Oates. But Paul Young’s cover in 1985 was the big hit, and the one I enjoy most.

19. Sunny—Bobby Hebb
Great 60s tune. Great lyrics:
Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain

18. Caroline No–Brian Wilson/Beach Boys
Written by Brian Wilson and performed by the Beach Boys and later by Wilson solo. By the way, go see the move about Brian Wilson, Love & Mercy.

17. Don’t Know Why–Norah Jones
Don’t know why anyone would not like this song.

16. Father & Son—Cat Stevens
1970’s Tea for the Tillerman was such a terrific album by Cat Stevens and this song was great. It’s time to look past the politics and appreciate his music again. Never should have changed his name from Steven Katz (bad joke)

15. One Less Bell to Answer–5th Dimension
A tender heartfelt song about the sorrow of a break up. Also on my top 20 songs of all time.

14. Galveston–Glen Campbell
Sadly, Alzheimer’s is now taking away his ability to sing & perform. I always was and still am a big fan. Wichita Lineman, By the Time I Get to Phoenix and others. But really love Galveston.

13. Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso
Cinema Paradiso is my favorite movie of all time and the instrumental soundtrack reinforced the angst of the young and then older Salvatore (aka Toto). Haven’t seen this movie? Don’t delay.

12. Breathe-Sia
If you saw the final episode of HBO’s Six Feet Under, no description is necessary.

11. Have I told You Lately-Van Morrsion
Written and recorded by Van Morrison in 1989 it was covered by Rod Stewart as well. This is such a tender song with wonderful lyrics. The fact that it is often (over) played at weddings doesn’t diminish its power.

10. Walking In Memphis—Marc Cohn
What a spiritual song, makes me want to go to Memphis every time I hear it. Want to walk with my feet 10 feet off of Beale.

9. Harvest Moon—Neil Young
This song puts me in such a calm state. I used to use it as “cool down music” when I taught step aerobics classes years ago. That was a trip in itself.

8. Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop—Landon Pigg
What’s the song, you ask? Don’t recognize the title? Perhaps. But it’s a really good one. First heard it in an AT&T commercial, and I am hooked.

7. Never My Love—The Association
Great 60s tune. The Association had wonderful melodies and vocals. Cherish and Everything That Touches You were great too.

6. No More I Love You’s—Annie Lennox
What a tender song, which won the 1995 Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and what a tremendous talent Annie Lennox is.

5. Since I Fell For You—Lenny Welch
This 60s tune is a classic.

4. Celebrate Me Home—Kenny Loggins
What a moving song. His best I believe.

3. When October Goes—Barry Manilow
I realize that I open myself up for abuse for this pick, yet I think this song is truly beautiful

2. Cavatina—Deer Hunter
This instrumental is so moving and the movie is a classic as well. I also remember the instrumental being used at Yankee Stadium behind a montage of film of Mickey Mantle a few days after he passed away in 1995

alfie1. Alfie-Dion Warwick
Is it the Burt Bachrach music or Hal David lyrics that make this song so great? Actually it’s both, but the key lyric, “What’s it all about, Alfie. Is it just for the moment we live?” talks to everyone in reflecting on their lives. Originally recorded by UK artist Cilla Black for the movie of the same name, the song became a bigger hit by Dionne Warwick in 1967. Burt Bachrach has often said it is his favorite song. Mine too.

So bring on the abuse and second guessing. That’s what these lists are for. No doubt I’ve missed some of your favorites. Which ones?

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  1. Michael Norton says:


    Great list. Although to be truthful, I am not familiar with two or three of your choices.

    Alfie is one of my favorite tunes. A very dear friend, who has passed away, sang it a cabaret my wife I produced. She had a beautiful voice and when she sang Alfie, I almost cried. It was that moving.

    Please keep the song list coming. I enjoy them very much.



    • Lonny Strum says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I enjoy the list compilation, and it’s gratifying when others comment, even if my choices aren’t universally embraced. Be well. Stay in touch.

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