2011 “Best of Strumings”


I am always pleased to get feedback on Strumings and am truly gratified when readers comment on posts. Strumings is my way of sharing thoughts and experiences and the following are the “best of 2011” Strumings as determined by readership.

I left out posts about my beloved New York Yankees, which admitedly are polarizing, Yankees fans love them, and alas non-Yankees fans not so much. But Strumings readers understand that writing about the Yankees is a true passion.

So here the “best of”  as determined by Strumings readers:

1. 3 Myths About Baby Boomers–This looks at the many misperceptions surrounding the 77 Million Boomers of which I am proudly one

2. The Changing U.S. Population–Examines U.S. population trends

3. Confessions of a Shopkick Addict–Yes, I am an addict and I explain why

4. The American Workforce: Boomer Blockade–We Boomers are not ready (or willing) to retire.

5. 10 Mistakes Small Business Make–Read ’em & ask yourself if you are guilty of any of these mistakes.

Let me know if I missed any of your faves. All my best to Strumings readers for a happy & healthy 2012. Go Yankees.

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