27 Wise Pieces of Advice

527679120The following list does not come from me. When I read these as a group, it was helpful to focus on things I am already doing (a few), and areas where I need work (many). Since we are all “works in progress”, forward progress is good. I wish I could attribute these wise thoughts to a specific author. Alas the source where I found this did not. So while I happily share this wisdom, the credit to me is as a curator only.

Here are the 27 wise pieces of advice:

1. Live Beneath Your Means
2. Return Everything You Borrow
3. Stop Blaming Other People
4. Admit When You Make a Mistake
5. Give Clothes Not Worn To a Charity
6. Do Something Nice And Try Not To Get Caught
7. Listen More: Talk Less (I need work here)
8. Everyday Take a 30 Minute Walk
9. Strive for Excellence: Not for Perfection
10. Be On Time (yeah I like this one a lot)
11. Don’t Make Excuses
12. Don’t Argue
13. Get Organized
14. Be Kind to People
15. Be Kind to Unkind People (This is a tough one for me)
16. Let Someone Cut Ahead of You In Line (another tough one)
17. Take Time to Be Alone
18. Cultivate Good Manners
19. Be Humble
20. Realize and Accept That Life Isn’t Fair
21. Know When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
22. Go an Entire Day Without Criticizing Someone
23. Learn From the Past
24. Plan for the Future
25. Live in the Present
26. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
27. It’s All Small Stuff

Thanks to the author wherever she/he may be.

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  1. Lynn Hoban says:

    Good advice. I’ll take it! Thanks for passing along. LH

  2. Rich Riley says:


    Great list. Thanks for sharing this.


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