Be Proud of Your Work

588579228Every day is not nirvana in your job (That’s why they call it work). But at some point, we all are asked about what we do by others. Too often I see people put down their own work and minimize their contributions. That’s foolish, not humble. It’s also not a good way to position yourself in networking situations. It is not bragging to package your work in a way others can understand what you do and respect your profession. Obviously the more technical and jargony your explanation, the more the recipients’ eyes will glaze over.

I read an interesting article recently about this topic called How to Speak Proudly About Your Work. The article suggests 4 key strategies worth reflecting on:

1. Define and Reflect

I like this as it forces you to simply define what you do and then state it terms of the impact of your work. Stay away from jargon and minutia. Explain simply.

2. Collect Your Small Successes

This is important. Keep a record of your accomplishments. Time will cloud what you’ve accomplished if you don’t document it in the moment. Contemporaneous notes will help (helped James Comey, I think). At a minimum this will help come review time to recap your accomplishments

3. Adjust Your Mindset

This one comes under the heading of being positive and enthusiastic. How much do you respect someone who diminishes their job and demeans their accomplishments? Not much.

4. Speak Proudly

Talk about the end benefit of what you do, not merely the mechanics of the tasks. And it’s OK to be proud and brag (a little, please).

In the end whether it is for an internal audience, networking or when you are looking for a job, spend time packaging your work in a powerful way that is interesting to others. If you do, greater success will be yours.

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