Old School Still Rocks.

934839246This week’s Struming is short, because I have a simple thought. In fact, one that is incredibly obvious to me.

Here it is: If you want to have impact you have to be there.

There’s a quote often attributed to Woody Allen but also to others is: 80% of life is being there.

Regardless of the author, it is the truth. I often hear someone considering not attending an event saying: Do I really need to go? Wrong question! Because usually the answer is you don’t need to go. But you should go. And in fact, by going you are making a statement of the importance of the event and respect of others.

In business we have become lazy. We text and email rather than call or, god forbid, meet in person.  I respect and embrace the power of the digital world we live in, yet we often forget and dismiss the impact of meeting someone, having conversation, using the phone. Of connecting & being there.

Too often in business documents are merely sent. Emails and texts have become the primary source of communication, and too much time is spent sending thoughts via email that are often misconstrued. How many times does anyone win an email argument? (Answer: never)

So get off your butt, go see your co-workers or clients, or go to the event, and write a handwritten note and mail it to someone you like. Being there has value.

“Old school” still works.

PS Feel free to criticize me as an old fart, though I am young in thought. But on this issue I know I am 100% right.

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  1. ks says:

    I just had this exact conversation with a friend this morning. Showing up in person sends the message “you’re important to me, and I want to be 100% clear that what we decide together is fully collaborative and results in a win-win benefit.”

    Operating globally, I tend to rely on teleconferences and Skype for day-to-day status and next steps. If it’s to close a piece of business or unwrap a complex issue, however, there’s nothing like being in the room together.

    Spot-on observation that relying on email alone is lazy. “Didn’t you get my email?” Well … I may have, along with dozens (or hundreds) of other emails competing for my attention. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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