The Older I Get, the More Liberal (and Conservative) I Get

922011000I am evolving as I age. I feel as if my views on life have been getting sharper and my perspective far better. I guess that comes with age. I used to think a lot of myself as an accomplished “young president” and now appreciate how little I really knew. I now know what I don’t know  (which is a lot). But I am unafraid to admit when I have no clue about something and willing to seek knowledge.  We are all unique so I realize I am merely a sample of one in a large study of behavior of aging boomers, but I suspect some of my thinking is consistent with others who are starting to be more reflective.

I do find my views on life are becoming more polarized. I am both getting more liberal and conservative at the same time.

On the liberal side:

1. I have growing compassion for those in need, and disdain for those who look down their nose at those less fortunate they are. No one seeks poverty.

2. I have more patience with seniors (duh, I am one I guess). I respect the dignity that they are trying to maintain.

3. Though I am not a religious sort, I am far more spiritual than I have been. Yet, I see zealous devotion to religion as largely divisive.

4. I deeply fear the short sidedness of how our country is run currently. I believe climate change is the most important issue our nation (and the world) faces and don’t understand why anyone would poo-poo the obvious worldwide societal implications.

5. I believe government has an obligation to its citizens to provide basic services and universal health care

6. I worry about the growing polarization of rich and poor and the inevitable implications for societal unrest that lays ahead in the near future.

On the conservative side:

1. I am personally frugal and don’t respect those who overspend their means. This holds true in business as well.

2. On a macro governmental basis, I also feel our spending is out of whack and needs to be trimmed. I don’t feel however that social service programs are the villain here.

3. I abhor zealots of all kinds on all issues (except for zealous Yankees fans & Deadheads).

4. Though I am far more technologically savvy and interested than most my age, yet I believe technology is eroding some of our basic values.

5. I believe in the power of conversation, physical interaction far more than electronic messaging. In fact, I think electronic messaging is often the cause of issues and miscommunication. (PS: Ever “win” an email or Facebook argument?)

6. I have never been patient, even in my youth, and have growing impatience with stupidity and won’t accept people blowing smoke up my butt.

I am not totally sure that all these thoughts align or that they are radical changes in my personal DNA. I do think about them more than ever, and perhaps merely advancing age makes me, and all of us,  a more pronounced version of what we already have been.

In any event as we enter a new year, the last of the decade before the 20s, I am comfortable reflecting on what makes me what I am and likewise hope you do as well.

Best wishes to Strumings readers for a happy, healthy and reflective year ahead.

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    Excellent reflections on life maturity mirrors.

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