The Real Top 40…of Enemies

857802914In the radio industry the format now known as Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) was originally labeled “top 40” and was made famous by AM stations in the 60s, as well as the late Casey Kasem’s weekly American Top 40 broadcasts. Each week the top 40 would be updated reflecting the movers (which had a “bullet” to designate growth) and the fading songs which had peaked and now were slipping off the charts.

Our President has his own top 40—–of enemies. This is not a new concept as President Nixon had his “enemies list” but consistent with Nixon’s focus, once you made the list you were an enemy forever. Not much movement on the Nixon top 40 charts, so to speak

However, with President Trump, and his lack of focus, his list is fluid—you can be a friend last week, and an enemy this week, and forgotten 2 weeks from now. Many of his current enemies were recently close advisers in business and his administration (aka the “best people”). That makes looking at the current charts interesting.  Almost as interesting as WABC’s new top songs on Tuesday nights announced by Cousin Brucie.

So here are the latest “top 40” Enemies, in reverse order from 40 to 1.

40. Senators Bob Corker & Jeff Flake–They are already fading enemies as they’ve left office. Will be off the charts shortly

39. Gary Cohn –former Economic Adviser who is a fading enemy

38. Bob Wolf –alas his book is now old news

37. John McCain–still an enemy from the grave

36. Caravan –a made-up enemy which declined precipitously the day after Election Day. Could drop off top 40 soon, but may return when convenient.

35. LeBron James

34. 9th Circuit court of appeals (damn liberals). They come and go based on cases.

33. Maxine Waters (low IQ). Less an enemy this week, but could move up the charts with a Democratic House.

32. CIA

31. The Department of Justice

30. NFL knealers (ungrateful). With season winding down and fewer knealers, they are fading.

29. Chuck Schumer, his star is rising.

28. Steve Bannon –from ultra-close adviser to enemy—moral: Don’t call Ivanka “dumb as a brick”


26. Hillary–always an enemy

25. Andrew McCabe–he’s fading

24. John Brennan, former CIA Director. Traitor.

23. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, new Mexican President. So you don’t have to pay for it. Can you just build the wall for us?

22. Bob Woodward –what does he know about truth anyhow?

21. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada–damn Canadians

20. Washington Post

19. Emmanuel Macron, President of France. “Proof” that pulling out of Paris climate accord was smart.

18. NY Times –Failing? not so much

17. The FBI, part of the deep state

16. General McChrystal, new enemy this week

15. Mitt Romney, another new enemy. One with lasting power. A rising star on enemies list.

14. Department of Justice, more deep state

13. Rod Rosenstein–He’s a democrat. Was a higher enemy until he got a new boss.

12. Amoroso –dog– Was enemy #1 for a short while, but her 15 minutes is up.

11. Rex Tillerson –“lazy & stupid”. Proof that Prez doesn’t like being called a “f–in moron”

10. John Kelly–Prez also doesn’t like being called an idiot and being told what to do.

9.   Nancy Pelosi, a rising enemy. Word of caution, Prez: don’t mess. She’s tough and won’t take your crap.

8.   Jeff Sessions –“what kind of man is he?”

7.   CNN–crush them always. “Fake” worldwide news leader

6.   James Comey –lying, leaking, loathsome. Can’t escape him. He’s the “granddaddy of enemies”.

5.   Federal Reserve & its Chairman, Jerome Powell–rising up the charts with a bullet currently. Causing financial markets to tank, says the Prez. How’s that best stock market ever going? Fed may fall off charts completely however if they don’t raise rates.

4.   Jim Mattis–“A Democrat”, says the Prez. “He didn’t quit, I fired him”

3.   The Dems—Good enemy for all occasions. “They want crime, open borders, high taxes, clean air, good healthcare, fuel efficient cars and other stuff I don’t like”, says the Prez.

2.   Michael Cohen—disloyal, liar. “was one of my many attorneys”

And the winner……….

mueller1.   Bob Mueller & his band of 17 Angry Democrats (Are the 17 Angry Democrats like the E Street Band?—btw didn’t there used to be 13. Did they recruit 4 new ones?)

Mueller will continue to be the biggest enemy, both until the report is released and most likely afterward. Be afraid, Mr. President, be very afraid.

So that’s the top 40 of enemies. Did we miss any? Who is rising and who is falling. I welcome Strumings readers’ thoughts.

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