Top 5 Strumings of 2015

top5-logo-big-300x156I am always appreciate the interest that Strumings readers have in my blog. I’ve now written Strumings for more than 6 years, with more than 300 posts. I hope each post has value and is interesting to readers. Obviously some were more well-read than others, and what’s interesting to readers is always very interesting to me. I really do try to focus on topics that are more relevant to Strumings readers. As we close 2015 I wanted to look back on the 5 top Strumings of the year based on reader interest:

The top 5 Strumings of 2015 were as follows:

1. 7 Reasons Why Ad Agencies Fail—This one struck a nerve for ad agency execs across the country

2. Business Lessons from Great Football Coaches—There are valuable business lessons we can learn from football coaches.

3. Top 15 Summer Songs of all Time—Musical Strumings are always favorites and often are ones where readers have opposing points of view. I respect different points of view.

4. Lying on Social Media?—We all fib a little on social media, don’t we. Minimally we show our best selves, and why shouldn’t we?

5. Is Living in NJ Still Worth It?—This was a tough one for me and my beloved state. It’s just getting harder to live here every day.

All my best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

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