Top 5 Strumings Of All Time

top5-logo-bigI’ve been writing Strumings since late 2009. 5 years. 250 posts and counting. Each week I write a new post. I’m sometimes asked, how do you think of what you want to write? Honestly, topics are easy for me, and it comes naturally at this point so I don’t really feel the pressure to produce. Some of the posts have been terrific, I say humbly. Others have been mediocre, I readily admit. Oh well. You can’t be brilliant every week. But I just keep Struming. And Strumings readers hopefully know about my new blog, The Business Of Life as well. Check it out too (please)

I do find it interesting to see what Strumings readers like. They generally like posts about music and interesting marketing topics. They generally don’t like posts about the Yankees (tough noogies, that will not deter me). But Strumings is still and will always be largely about marketing and business topics, so here in reverse order are the most read and commented on posts based on Strumings readers—the top 5 of all time.

5. The Convergence of Media
Marketing people are fascinated about the world of paid, owned and earned media melding. They ought to be since it affects them.

4. Communications Cowardice
Have we become a bunch of communications weaklings? (Yes we have) To our detriment we have become afraid to “confront” others with the spoken word, and we all pay a price.

3. Strum, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
This was a popular one. I guess readers like the idea that I don’t know much—yup, it’s true. But my “brilliance” is merely learning what I don’t know—and finding someone who does.

2. The Business Thank you Note
This seemed so basic to me. But what an avalanche of responses and readership I received. So my advice is simple—keep a stack of thank you cards and some stamps and mail a note of thanks as often as appropriate. Don’t be stingy either.

timepiece1. Is It Reasonable To Expect Others To Be On Time?
I clearly hit a hot button on this one. We’ve all been the recipients of the rudeness of those who are tardy. Not “fashionably late” to a party–But constantly and consistently late to business meetings, without regard to others. This aggravates me and obviously many others too.

So those were the favorites. Hope I didn’t miss yours. I had a bunch of musical lists (Top songs, albums, etc.) “bubbling under” the top 5 as well.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 for all.

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