We live at a time where all past initiatives should be challenged, rethought and retooled.


The Strum Consulting Group provides marketing and management consulting services to businesses and professional service firms

1. Corporate Marketing Consulting

The Strum Consulting Group provides strategic business and marketing consulting to medium and large companies.

A core product is our Marketing Maximization Audit which provides a 360 degree analysis of internal and external marketing activities and provides an action plan to increase marketing effectiveness while reducing cost. Our experience is that the majority of  most companies’ marketing activities are based on historical precedent, and not a forward look at a changing business environment. We live at a time where all past initiatives should be challenged, rethought and retooled.

Marketing Maximization Audit is ideal for companies who are questioning the effectiveness of their current direction and seek an objective & knowledgeable outsider’s view of their business.

Here’s what Strum Consulting clients have said,

“Lonny Strum has been an invaluable contributor to our business. I wouldn’t make a major strategic decision without his counsel. He is an ongoing consultant to our organization and his initiatives have led to increased sales”, Dave Griffith, President & CEO, Modern Group.

“Lonny Strum was instrumental in re-focusing our marketing activities and helping drive our consumer sales and franchise development. He brings tremendous experience and knowledge and worked hands-on to develop our marketing program”, Leonard Valentino, Jr., President Rita’s Franchise Company.

“We admired Lonny Strum’s work for Rita’s and wanted his consumer and franchise expertise to help bring our business to the next level. He has orchestrated our new logo, positioning, web site and helped position us for greater growth.”, Rena Levy, CEO, Windmill.

“We’ve known Lonny Strum for many years and when we sought an outside expert to help us strengthen our marketing program, we sought his counsel to make our marketing even stronger”, JC Henry, CEO, EP Henry.

Our business experience is extensive across dozens of business categories with particular strength in the following business categories:

* Hospitality
* Home & Luxury Products
* Franchise Business
* Financial Services
* Healthcare
* Business to Business
* Media & Entertainment

2. Professional service firms consulting

Professional service firms share a common malady. They focus all their efforts on their clients (not a bad trait). But as a result they are typically weak in professional marketing of their services—this includes marketing communications agencies, law firms, accounting firms, architects. Yes, even consultants.

The Strum Consulting Group provides a full range of business consulting services for help professional services firms market themselves more effectively including:

a) Business development

* Creation and maintenance of a tailored prospect database
* Ongoing communications programs with prospects
* Ongoing meetings with prospects–Using social media to maintain visibility as a thought leader

b) Profit Programs

* Profit Planning
* How to reduce expenses
* How to better utilize resources

c) Business Solicitation

* Creation of account winning presentations
* Increase odds of winning to over 50%

d) Longer term strategic issues

* Long term succession planning
* Realistic appraisal of firms strengths and weaknesses
* Management issues
* Helping management team work together
* Evaluating the strengths of management team

e) Management off sites