Are the Yankees for real?

Maybe. But there’s PLENTY of regular season left. And then playoffs. So let’s not get too giddy.

The real question is whether they Yankees can win the World Series this year. And that’s a bigger maybe. The Yankees look fairly certain as one of the 6 AL playoff teams, and that a good start. And it’s not whether they can challenge the record for regular season wins (that probably won’t happen) because neither of the top 2 teams which had the most amount of regular season victories–Cubs (1906), Mariners (2001)–were ultimately World Champions.

Even though they lead MLB with 27 World Championships, the Yankees have not been back to the Series since 2009, despite being a playoff team 9 of the 12 seasons since then. Furthermore, the Yankees celebrate Championships only, not playoff appearances. As a fan I like that. They have in fact played in 40 World Series (losing 13 times) but there are no celebrations of the pennant winning, but non-World Series Championships, seasons of yesteryear.

Sure, they are on a 119-game winning pace (and they won’t achieve that) and they lead their division comfortably at this time. But the AL East has 4 good teams—Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, Red Sox. Winning their division is not easy, but critical in the new playoff scenario where the top 2 division winners get a first-round bye, which will be a major advantage for teams wanting to be Champions.

Here are a few reasons why the Yankees might be champions this year:


Their starters and relievers have been phenomenal. They lead the majors in ERA and WHIP. Their starters have been healthy (relievers not so much) and having 2 catchers with strong defensive skills make them better. Can that continue. Maybe?


Aaron Judge is having a GREAT MVP caliber season. Stanton and Rizzo are strong. Trevino is surprising. Gleyber is having a bounce back year. And they hit bunches of homers. That’s why they are called the Bronx Bombers.


There’s now a BIG difference in fielding when they replaced Gary (sorry Kraken—you fooled us with your 2016 & 2017 bat) at catcher. Moving Gleyber back to 2nd base and adding Rizzo were also stellar moves. Good gloves all around now. Defense matters and makes their pitching better.

But here’s why the Yankees may fall short, beyond the obvious reason of another team catching Fire:


Huh? Didn’t I say that was a strength. Yes. But Cole makes me nervous and was disappointing in the one game playoff last year. Is he a horse or merely a good pitcher? And will the clock strike 12 for Nestor or is he for real? Will the bullpen continue to shine?


Hicks, Gallo, and Higgy are sub-par hitters. Having collective almost automatic outs in the line-up can hurt in October. I want Miggy back in the lineup and want him to bring his 2018 bat with him.


Can’t predict them and the Yankees have depth, but it’s always a crap shoot.

But you gotta love the results to date! Yet they have a 13-game stretch straight ahead against the Rays, Blue Jays and Astros. Ask me after that stretch how I feel.

Go Yankees.

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